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    Software Features

    • Precision Sniper.

      Time your bid to the final seconds of the domain auction.

    • Bid Manager

      Set your maximum bid for auctions and let the software do the rest of the work for you!

    • SERP Domination

      Dominate ANY search by automatically aquiring power house PBN domains.

    More Features

    • Cloud-Based Software

      Nothing to download. Browser-based login. Use it from any computer.

    • Eliminate Bidding Wars

      No more sitting around watching the auction timers tick down to place that last second bid. Get out of bidding wars for good!

    • Easy To Use

      Integrates with GoDaddy Expired Domain Auctions. Takes 30 seconds to setup.

    Just A Few More Powerful Features...

    Manage All of Your

    GoDaddy Auction Bids

    In One Place

    No need for any other software to manage your domain bidding. The browser-based application allows you to "set and forget" dozens of auctions and execute your bids moments before end-time. Accurate reporting allows you to see your bid history for an completed and in-progress domain auction.

    Access The Internet's
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    Authority Domain Auctions

    Get access to the only tool online that allows you to precision-bid on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of expiring domain auctions. Use the search-bar to find exact-match domains you can use for topic relevance or branding. The application seamlessly integrates with GoDaddy Auctions for a flawless domain-acquisition experience.

    Cut Your SEO Costs 80%

    Cut out the middle man costs. With this easy-to-use technology, you never have  to deal with a domain-broker or pay for a link service ever again. Use the domains you won for your persona blog network, as "money sites," or resell them for a profit.

    Time Your Bids
    For The Final Moments
    Of The Auction

    No more waiting around for the auction to end. With this technology, you can plan out your purchases weeks in advance and never reveal your research to competing bidders. The stealth-purchase option effectively eliminates bidding wars.

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